IT Disposal

Asset Tracking and Recording

We understand every company is different and our flexible approach allows us to evaluate customers needs on an indivdual case basis. Evaluation requires quantities of equipment to be disposed of to be listed – makes, models etc. This is to assess if there is any residual value in redundant equipment which in turn will be returned to your company once disposed of.

Where there is little or no residual value, redundant equipment will be taken on a “gratis basis” with no costs to your company.

WEEECycle can visit your premises and carry out this task on your behalf if time and resources are limited. We use a QR code recording system for accuracy and speed.

Documentation and Asset Report

In every case WEEECycle will produce a comprehensive asset report for every collection carried out.


We have both marked and unmarked vehicles with uniformed staff. Our vehicles are all satellite tracked We do not use third party couriers for company disposals. All our staff are CRB Checked for security and peace of mind. Appraisal and Disposal Process. All of the equipment at our premises is graded and disposed of considering any specific customer requirements. Certificates are issued at this stage.

Data Protection

Pro2K offers the complete Data Destruction package tailored for your requirements including:

  • UK CESG Data wiping and US DOD 7 pass wiping
  • Granulation of optical media to 5mm or less
  • Granulation of Solid State media to 5mm or less
  • Physical destruction, manual disassembly and shredding of hard disk platters

For more advice or to arrange a collection please feel free to call or email one of our friendly advisors on the number below for a fast, efficient service.

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Generate a Monetary Return

Where applicable we try and generate a revenue return for our customers in most cases this will be fully agreed by both parties before any equipment leaves your premises.

For friendly help or advice on the above please give us a call.
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